B2B sales incentives are achieved with a strategy first

Create measurable change and behaviours that improve your business performance by partnering with B2B sales experts.

B2B sales start with a strategy!


When you partner with the right people using the right approach, your B2B sales incentive program gets the results you want.

When you’re selling business-to-business, the usual loyalty and rewards strategies don’t always work. That’s when you need B2B experts.

To build a successful customer, distributor or channel partner program, you don’t want someone who just sells you gift-cards or incentive travel or hosts a simple web-based catalogue and declares your rewards program “live”.

You want a partner with experience in B2B sales incentive and loyalty that understands your pain points, the dynamics between you and your distributors, customers and channel partners, and their purchase behaviours… all with the goal of creating something that actually motivates and lifts performance.

Our B2B Sales Approach & Methodology

Your incentive and reward program has to focus on achieving business objectives. Rather than rolling out a cookie-cutter program that doesn’t factor in your circumstances, we take the time to understand everything we can before we begin.


Scratching The Surface

The foundation of an excellent B2B sales incentive strategy is knowing how you engage within your industry and its unique features. With insights about your customers, distribution, sales staff, buying behaviours, challenges and pain points, we assemble the building blocks to determine an engagement program that delivers you genuine ROI.

Strategy First

Based on your business insights, a strategic plan unique to your business objectives is defined. It outlines how your engagement solution-to-be will look like, how your program kicks goals, and how to measure the results it set out to achieve.

Reward Second

Most rewards programs start and end here. For us, it’s the final piece of the puzzle. With our “strategy first, rewards second” approach, you know in advance which rewards will change behaviour in your program. And whatever you use to inspire performance — from Visa Prepaid Cards, Merchandise or Travel Incentives — it is 100% supported by our in-house management and delivery teams.

Is Our Approach To Rewards And Incentives For You?

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