Inspire peak performance with aspirational rewards.

No matter your budget, customer demographics or location, we have the reward mix for your incentive and loyalty program.

Align the Right Rewards Mix for your Programs

Great rewards that inspire peak performance are at the heart of the strategy for any effective loyalty, incentive, or rewards program. Choosing the right rewards is what we help businesses like yours do, with our reputation and expertise valued by clients all across Australia and New Zealand.

You’ll drive positive returns by influencing the right behaviour with the right loyalty program rewards. Our experts across each reward stream will guide you on the best options to power your rewards program strategy.


Merchandise reward is the most commonly used incentive reward option. A proven winner in most rewards programs, it gives you a wide range of options to play with. Merchandise incentive reward options can be tailored to any demographic, so your target audience gets a reward selection that suits them and their business. For many of our programs, we provide tailored merchandise catalogues relating to our client’s business needs that can be reinvested into their business.

Merchandise has substantial “trophy value” since the receiver can show it off to others as a measure of their success. If the reward is commonly desirable, you can imagine the impact that reward will have on a customer’s loyalty. From a marketing perspective, it’s invaluable.

Incentive program merchandise rewards

Travel Incentives

Incentive Travel is more aspirational than any other reward. Travel has a strong value proposition, and the status that comes with earning a place on a trip is far greater than any other reward. Offering a holiday to Queenstown or New York puts your program at the forefront of a customer’s thinking: “What do I need to do to get a place on that trip!?!”

Incentive Travel is generally reserved for the top moist performers of the program, and this shared drive and qualification builds a community of like-minded, successful customers associated with your brand.

Incentive Travel builds your brand by simple association. Word of mouth from a travel incentive can spread like wildfire. And, if you deliver an itinerary true to your brand, more and more of your target audience will strive to achieve. Travel incentive gives you a powerful tool to grow your sales channels.

Travel 1123

Branded Cash – Visa Prepaid Cards

Visa prepaid cards gives program participants flexibility to get what they want. It offers something no other reward can: your brand in the wallet of customers like a pocket billboard. Every time they pull the card out to use, your brand’s staring them in the face. It’s instant, easy, cost-effective brand awareness for your program and company.

Our brand iChoose is the only corporate Visa prepaid card brand that can managed and issue Visa prepaid cards into Australia and New Zealand under the offer. It offer all business the benefit of a single loyalty program and reward offer to customers in both markets with the same reward message.

We believe the biggest advantage for reward winners is the range of choices. They control where they would like to spend the hard earnt reward. Prepaid Visa can be used anywhere: in-store, online and overseas. This is perhaps one of its strongest points for participants and is hard to match in any other reward.

Branded Cash can fit into any program design, either as a single-load gift card or ongoing recognition via a reloadable card. This flexibility in the reward mechanism means that finding the Branded Cash that complements the overall outcomes of a program is easier to achieve and easily communicated to your target audience.

Your perfect B2B partners

If you’re looking for a rewards fulfilment house (whether travel and event, merchandise or Visa prepaid gift cards), the reality is that, yes, we have it. With 212F, you’ve got a partner that manages every part of your program. From end-to-end to deliver the engagement you need in your network and the marketing results you need to achieve.

Our unique blend of strategy, products and approach are complemented by the fact that we are a single-source supplier of merchandise rewards, incentive trips and events and branded cash (Visa prepaid cards). It’s why we think strategy first, rewards second.

So, whether you want to tap into our full strategic service or our turnkey solutions, we would be delighted to partner with you and implement a winning incentive and rewards or loyalty strategy that connects your customers and channel partners with your brand.

Partnering with the experts in the region means having a winning B2B engagement strategy using incentives and reward strategies that drives and recognises loyalty.

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