KoruGreen – Our Commitment to Net Zero by 2030

Travel Incentives, Events and Conferences Net Zero NOW!
At ZERO cost to our clients.

KoruGreen Commitment

We kick off the sustainability journey by committing to making all 212F Group Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events net zero.

At ZERO COST to our clients!


Travel Incentives, Conferences and Events can be sustainable at NO COST!

Events Net Zero
Conferences Net Zero

KoruGreen Process

Aspirational travel destinations, stunning events and conferences are now net zero!

Join us as we unfurl a new pathway to a sustainable future starting with our Travel, Conferences and Events.


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Step 1

212F Travel, Conferences and Events team will assess and design a sustainable program for the client.

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Step 2

KoruGreen Calculator will measure the impact of your domestic or international travel & event activity: across travel incentive programs, conferences and events.


Step 3

Post event or travel, the 212F Group will offset 100% of your program by investing in projects that reduce emissions via the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.

Our industry is unique, and the tool kit for measuring our Green House Gas emissions is not up to the task. Waiting for a solution is not an option; the KoruGreen Calculator utilises the world’s most widely used and accepted greenhouse gas accounting standards allowing us to assess the entire program’s emissions impact and identify where to focus reduction activities.”

Rob Morrow, 212F Group Managing Director

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The KoruGreen Future

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are just getting started. We promise to:

  • Work with our clients to reach net zero emissions in our operations and portfolio by 2030
  • We continue to invest in innovative technology and pathways to keep travel Incentives, Conferences & Events net zero
  • Work with industry experts to provide clients with guidance on reducing their program’s GHG emissions
  • Continue working with all internal stakeholders to support internal operations to be net zero

Take the first step towards a sustainable future

Contact our team of experts to get your next B2B Travel Incentive, Event or Conference Net Zero for FREE!