B2B Loyalty Engagement and Communications

B2B loyalty and incentives communications can be personalised to each customer. Elevate your engagement and foster deeper connections.

B2B loyalty and incentive programs are about building strong, lasting relationships with your business partners. Our approach goes beyond just providing a platform along with generic email blasts; in fact, our B2B loyalty engagement and communication plan is unique and is tailored to your overall program strategy.

Everyone wants to be treated as an individual, as that is not different when communicating to your customers within a B2B Loyalty, Incentive and Rewards program. Moving away from the generic campaign and statement blasts that do not generate any interest is vital.

Like every customer database, not all customer segments are the same, so the messaging and offers within your loyalty program must allow for those differences. Communication needs a mix of compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience as well as eye-catching creative that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Our B2B Loyalty Engagement model will ensure you target the right people with the right messages, and we’ve got the skills and expertise to help you achieve your marketing and communications goals.

Targeted, Strategic Communications For Customer Groups

Unlock the full potential of your B2B loyalty program with personalised communication. Our model utilises customer data and insights to create targeted and personalised communications that resonate with specific customer segments. Not only will this improve the customer experience, but it will also increase engagement in your program.

This leads to increased customer engagement and retention, resulting in a higher ROI for your B2B loyalty, incentive and rewards program. We are committed to helping you stay ahead of the competition by providing an edge in customer communication. The aim is to create brand advocacy built from moments all anchored to the ultimate outcome – rewarding moments for the customer.

Loyalty Insights and B2B Engagement Model

B2B loyalty and incentives programs have the potential to be so much more than just points and rewards. Our unique Loyalty and Incentive Rewards Platform takes your program’s communication capabilities to the next level by providing powerful data analytics that gives you a deeper understanding of your customers, their behaviours and engagement, enabling more informed decisions and communications. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and create targeted and strategic communications that drive customer engagement and retention.

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B2B Engagement Model

Using the data analytics of Power BI, our B2B Engagement model reporting isn’t fixed to a set period of time; it builds over the length of your loyalty program. The model helps place your customers into loyalty cohorts based on behavioural and transactional metrics ensuring program messaging is associated with the customer’s status in a program and striving to create a buy-reward-recognise-buy cycle that solves the business pain points.

Our B2B engagement model is designed to raise awareness of your program and drive members and participants to engage in behaviours that are relevant to them.

Our focus on customer cohorts ensures that communications are personalised and supported by real-time customer data and engagement reporting. With our insights and segmented marketing strategies, we guarantee to target different customer groups with offers and messages that are personalised, impactful and drive engagement.

Our insights and segmented marketing will ensure that you target the different customer groups with offers and messages that are personalised, influential and demand to be engaged with.

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