B2B Loyalty Engagement and Communications

B2B loyalty and incentives communications should be personalised to each customer. Our Engagement Loyalty Model (ELM) will give you insights to get personal.

Build Relevant and Strong B2B Engagement

B2B loyalty and incentive programs are about building strong, lasting relationships with your customer, channel, and business partners. How, when, and what messages you send to engage customers participating in a program must remain engaging and relevant.

Our approach to communications goes beyond just providing a rewards platform supported by generic email statements and blasts; our B2B loyalty engagement and communication plans are unique and tailored to your overall incentive program strategy.

Everyone wants to be treated as an individual, and that is no different when communicating to your customers within a B2B Loyalty, Incentive, and Rewards program. Moving away from the generic campaign and statement blasts that do not generate any interest is vital.

Like every customer database, not all customer segments are the same, so the messaging and offers within your loyalty program must allow for those differences. A B2B engagement strategy needs a mix of compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience and eye-catching creative that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Our B2B Engagement Loyalty Model will ensure you target the right people with the right messages, and we’ve got the skills and expertise to help you achieve your loyalty program and communications goals.

engagement loyalty model - b2b engagement

Loyalty Engagement Model – Your B2B Engagement Strategy Tool

Using the data analytics of Power BI, our B2B Engagement Loyalty Model (ELM) isn’t fixed to a set period of time; it builds customer insights over the length of your loyalty program.

The model places your customers into loyalty cohorts based on behavioural and transactional metrics giving your loyalty program a powerful and relevant option to communicate based on needs and the current status a customer has within the loyalty program.


Loyalty Cohort, Saver. the Point Banker. Loyalty Engagement Model



These participants are ‘points bankers’. They might be saving for a high value reward, so we deliver campaigns that encourage these customers to redeem their points and celebrate their success.

loyalty Cohort, Regular Earner. Loyalty Engagement Model

Regular Earners


Active users who regularly redeem rewards and earn points are valuable to the program, they are ‘growers’. We create campaigns around new potential earnings will help these customers feel recognised and encourage them to strive for more.

Loyalty Cohort, On the Way out. Win Back. Loyalty Engagement Model

On the Way Out


We know that it’s tough to keep all of your loyalty program participants and loyal customers happy. Customers in the On The Way Out group usually reduce their spending and earn fewer points. It’s time to win them back!

Insights to propel B2B Engagement Ideas

Each loyalty cohort ensures program messaging is associated with the customer’s status in a program and strives to reinforce a buy-reward-recognise-buy sales cycle that solves the business pain points.

This is the core outcome of ELM, designed to raise awareness of your program and drive members and participants to engage in behaviours that are relevant to them. This provides you with a targeted way to retain customers.

Customer loyalty cohort communications are personalised and supported by real-time customer data and engagement reporting. With our insights and segmented marketing strategy, we guarantee to target different customer groups with offers and messages that are personalised, impactful and drive engagement.

Targeted Strategic Communications for B2B Customer Engagement

Unlock the full potential of the Engagement Loyalty Model and deliver personalised communications. This is the foundations of ELM, utilising customer interactions, points and sales drive data to create insights and build targeted and personalised communications. Communication that will resonate with specific customer segments and improve the customer’s loyalty program benefits and experience.

b2b loyalty engagement model

Increased participant engagement and B2B retention strategies will result in a higher ROI for your B2B loyalty, incentive, and rewards program.

We are committed to helping you stay ahead of the competition by providing an edge in customer communication. The aim is to create brand advocacy built from moments all anchored to the ultimate outcome – rewarding customers with important moments and integral value.

B2B Customer Engagement Strategy

Loyalty Insights – Power By a Purpose-Built Incentive & Loyalty Platform

B2B loyalty and incentives programs have the potential to be so much more than just points and rewards. Our custom-built Loyalty and Incentive Rewards Platform enables your program’s communication capabilities to take the next step!

Providing powerful data analytics reporting that gives you a deeper understanding of your existing customers, their behaviours and engagement, enabling more informed decisions and communications.

With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions and create targeted, strategic communications that drive customer engagement and retention. If this has also got you thinking about what a B2B loyalty program can do for your business, reach out today. We’ve been leading the pack for B2B reward programs Australia and New Zealand-wide since 1996 – your customers will thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • B2B loyalty programs can greatly benefit your business by enhancing customer engagement and fostering long-term relationships. Engaging customers over a given period through personalised experiences and compelling reasons to connect increases customer loyalty, ultimately driving sales and revenue.

  • Engagement is a critical aspect of B2B loyalty programs. By providing a personalised experience and introducing new features, you can effectively engage your user base. Engaging customers over a long period not only retains their loyalty but also leads to increased sales and business growth.

  • B2B loyalty programs differentiate companies by offering a unique and compelling reason for customers to choose their services. By focusing on delivering exceptional value and tailored services, businesses can stand out in a competitive market and achieve the same results or even better than their competitors.

  • B2B loyalty programs have been proven to drive sales by maintaining a loyal customer base. Offering a personalised experience and rewarding engagement can lead to increased customer retention and repeat business, resulting in a substantial boost in sales.

  • Implementing a B2B loyalty program can significantly impact your business’s success. By focusing on providing exceptional service, engaging customers through personalised experiences, and continuously introducing new features, you can create a loyal and satisfied customer base that contributes to your company’s growth.

  • A resource centre can play a crucial role in boosting B2B loyalty engagement. By offering valuable content, such as hyper-personalized guides and videos, to aid customers at various stages of their buyer’s journey, you can improve engagement and guide them toward making informed purchase decisions.

  • To re-engage inactive users in your B2B loyalty program, consider utilizing hyper-personalization techniques. Sending targeted emails with key points highlighting new features and product usage can remind customers of the value they can gain. You can also create a LinkedIn group or use landing pages to share video storytelling content, with the added bonus tip of reigniting their interest and re-establish your brand’s connection with them.

  • Conversational marketing is a powerful tool to strengthen relationships with loyal customers. By providing proactive support through personalized and engaging content delivered via in-product messaging or email marketing, you can offer valuable insights and cater to their specific needs. This active participation in their journey not only demonstrates your commitment but also positions your brand as a trusted partner, encouraging repeat business and driving revenue growth.

  • B2B loyalty programs can be a standout competitive differentiator at industry events. Taking some time to embrace video storytelling to showcase success stories and highlighting how your program has helped loyal customers achieve their goals can captivate potential customers. By providing ongoing education through workshops and presentations, you can showcase your expertise and establish your program as a valuable resource in your target market, ultimately boosting your brand’s reputation and attracting new business opportunities.

  • Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in refining a B2B customer engagement strategy. By actively listening to customer behaviour and measuring customer engagement, you can glean valuable insights into their preferences and pain points. Incorporating these insights into your engagement strategies, such as personalised marketing and targeted communications, not only improves customer satisfaction but also drives customer engagement and boosts revenue.

  • A successful B2B customer engagement strategy involves a multi-faceted approach. It includes customer engagement strategies tailored to your target audience across your marketing materials, website engagement tactics, and consistent customer communications across the sales funnel. By integrating engagement strategies that span from customer acquisition to retention, you can establish a good customer engagement strategy that fosters lasting relationships and drives business growth.

  • Customer engagement significantly influences the sales team’s effectiveness. A well-executed customer engagement strategy equips the sales team with the tools to engage customers at various touchpoints, driving customer satisfaction and repeat business. By providing relevant content, measuring customer engagement, and leveraging engagement strategies, the sales team can efficiently navigate the sales funnel and ultimately boost revenue through increased sales and customer retention.