Loyalty and Incentive Rewards Platform

Build a branded destination to change behaviour and influence your sales channel.

B2B Loyalty Program Software To Engage and Drive Sales

Built from over 25 years of experience delivering B2B programs, our incentive and loyalty rewards platform has all the features and data integrations to help you solve your business pain points. It will drive sales and recognise those most critical to your business – your most valuable clients and customers!

As every industry differs, so should your incentive and loyalty rewards platform solution. Each reward solution should be customised for your unique needs and customer relationships.

We don’t make our clients fit into a fixed B2B loyalty program architecture. Instead, each loyalty and incentive platform design is created around your business, sales channel and data integration needs. We aim to ensure you have a loyalty program built to meet your outcomes so that we can maximise messaging, reward customers, and recognise sales efforts.

Every incentive platform we build will give you access to powerful features to engage your customers and build loyalty to your brand like no other. Backed by best-in-class data analytics tools, Power BI, you will know more and use that information to drive performance like never before.

B2B Loyalty Software Features to Change Behaviour

B2B ready, easy to use and most importantly, customisable.

We have integration options within our customer loyalty platform to seamlessly become an extension of your business. It allows you to make it look, feel and function like you and your customers want.

So, when your customers access your incentive and loyalty program, they see your brand, the loyalty program offer, and the outcomes you are looking for – designed to meet your vision.

loyalty and incentive rewards platform

Built for Loyalty

B2B Loyalty Program Software

Our B2B loyalty program software is a powerful tool that empowers your businesses to create and manage loyalty programs for existing clients while attracting new customers. Software that enables your business to gain valuable customer insights, optimise a customer experience, and tailor rewards to each customer’s preferences.

One of the key features of B2B loyalty program software is access to actionable interaction from your loyalty program email marketing data. With this data, we can build a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and identify trends, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to increase customer retention.
Enhance your relationships by offering tailored rewards through loyalty campaigns, encourage customers to make repeat purchases and strengthen brand loyalty.

Nurturing customer retention and recognising their value is essential for B2B loyalty programs. Loyalty program benefits that supports long-term relationships and changes long-term behaviour will engage with your customers and advance your business.





Dynamic reward catalogues for any customer demographic. Customers will have access to real value with thousands of merchandise, Visa gift cards and experiences choices to redeem from. Locally curated rewards delivered for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Tiering and Threshold Rewards

My Status


Offer variable reward values and customer benefits within a loyalty program based on annual spend, category or location. Focus on gaining business growth with status tiers that earn more value as customers increase purchases or shift their share of wallet to your brand.

Bonus Point

Target tracker


An ‘always on’ B2B loyalty program can fill your sales gaps or new product launches with bonus point campaigns awarding value and targeting your desired product ranges. Bonus point campaigns will create engagement and recognise those loyal to your product range.

Built for Incentives

Incentive programs are a fantastic way for businesses to offer rewards to gain sales growth from their existing customers. Simply put, you reward your customers’ repeat purchases and encourage customers to buy more. Incentive programs reward customers after achieving a sales target or goal. How you accomplish that is different; with our incentive platform, you’ll have options at your fingertips.


Target Tracking

Target tracker


Annual spend, KPI’s or self-funded targets are an engaging & visual solution to drive customer performance to an ultimate reward. Set over key selling periods, you can help customers plan out their success and manage how they track to achievement.




Create the drive to succeed with visual leaderboards. A little healthy competition goes a long way, and our leaderboards are the best option to do that. Restrict or display all the metrics you want as customers strive for the best.




Sales performance tracking by customer, viewed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The loyalty platform gives you access to reporting tools and dashboards that showcase how many points have been earned and claimed, progress to goals, leaderboards, and milestone completions.

Acclaim Rewards

Our turnkey reward program offers customers a whole reward experience without data integrations and tracking. Create customer profiles and load rewards points! Within no time, you and your customers will be celebrating sales success!

Sample loyalty and incentive rewards platform. acclaim rewards

Sales Target Tracker Platform

Track targets visually!

Give your customer base an engaging solution to track their progress towards sales targets visually and be rewarded. Our Sales Target Platform matches perfectly with travel incentive programs and helps turn sales data into dynamic targets that amplifies the customer experience. Allowing loyal customers and your sales teams to plan sales growth, build individual targets, track company performance and measure results.

B2B Sales

Future Proof Your Strategy

Our B2B loyalty and incentive software platform is an all-in-one solution that combines all the tools and features required to run successful loyalty programs. It streamlines the otherwise time-consuming process of managing loyalty programs and rewards, making it easier for your business to engage its customer base effectively.

When we partner on your B2B incentive and loyalty program, a critical element is never to set and forget. The additional loyalty program modules and features can be dynamically added to match your business strategy.

Whether you are looking at a B2B program refresh or have a business change, these features and more can be deployed at any time.

  • Customer loyalty points allocation by managers for sales team rewards
  • Reward on products sales or overall spend by invoice and SKU
  • Gain customer insights using the Engagement Loyalty Model and build loyalty personas of your existing customers
  • Reinforce training with bonus quizzes and training point campaigns
  • Self-registration or SSO from your customer portal
  • Full reporting tools and access to sales data with full program transparency
  • Data Integration options, API or direct file transfers

A wide range of rewards and experiences underpins all our customer loyalty software options and modules. Whether you want to recognise existing customers, enhance B2B retention strategies or acquire new customers, your loyalty program can include exciting rewards such as exclusive events, early access to products, and insider training, creating a genuinely experiential rewards program for customers.

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B2B Platform FAQs

  • A B2B loyalty and incentive platform is a software solution designed to help businesses enhance customer loyalty and engagement by offering rewards and incentives to their existing customers. It enables businesses to manage loyalty programs effectively, gather customer insights, and retain customers through personalised rewards and experiences.

  • B2B loyalty programs and rewards programs in Australia and New Zealand offer several benefits to businesses . They help retain customers, build long-term relationships, and drive business growth. By rewarding customers for their loyalty, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases, leading to higher sales and revenue.

  • B2B loyalty software enables businesses to collect and analyse customer data, allowing them to understand customer preferences and behaviour. Using this data, businesses can create personalised rewards and incentive programs, significantly contributing to customer retention and loyalty.

  • Yes, a B2B loyalty and incentive platform can allow you to acquire more customers through referral programs and word-of-mouth marketing. You can attract new clients and expand your customer base by offering rewards to program participants who refer new customers to your business.

  • Yes, our B2B loyalty program software is designed to be highly customisable. Businesses can tailor their customer loyalty programs to fit their specific requirements, customer data and the preferences of their customers. This customisation ensures that the rewards and incentives offered are relevant and valuable to the customers, increasing the effectiveness of the loyalty program.

  • Yes, data collection is a vital aspect of loyalty management. By gathering and analysing customer data, businesses can gain valuable customer insights, segment customers into program personas and make data-driven decisions to optimise the B2B loyalty programs and reward offers.

  • Implementing a loyalty and incentive platform built around your business requirements can significantly reduce the time-consuming process of managing loyalty programs. The software streamlines the reward system and automates various tasks, allowing businesses to focus on building customer relationships and driving sales growth.

  • When considering a loyalty and incentive platform, look for features such as data collection, customer retention solutions, sales tools and a user-friendly interface for easy customer engagement. Customisable reward programs and early access to exclusive events are also valuable features to enhance customer loyalty.