Reward & Incentive Programs

Drive sales growth by rewarding outstanding performance with aspirational incentives!

B2B Incentive Programs

Create a change with a targeted Incentive Program

Incentives programs are an excellent way for businesses to increase sales, gain growth or achieve a share of wallet shift from their customers and sales channels.

Most incentive programs reward customers for achieving sales target or goals over a defined period, rewarding clients with merchandise or exclusive travel incentives. The core design element of an incentive program is linked to a sales over-performance.

Setting up a target-based incentive program will allow you to cover the program cost and possibly the fund the rewards through incremental sales. This will result in massive sales growth and with design options that include self-funding rewards, you can have an incentive solution that is low in financial risk and guarantees a greater ROI. Only rewarding after sales target are achieved, creates a model relative to the sales growth because if a client does not achieve growth, they don’t receive the reward.

As every industry has customers who constantly interact with several competitors at the same time, a custom-built Incentive Program must stand out from the crowd for your brand to gain influence. Adding in leader boards, ranking criteria and tiering will give your incentive program competitive inclusions, to find and reward the best!

Incentive programs offer new avenues and opportunities for your sales teams to discuss sales growth and purchases plans with customers, challenging them from just being order takers to having an exciting reason to promote sales linked with incentives and drive over performance!

Incentive programs offer new avenues and opportunities for your sales teams to discuss sales growth and purchases plans with customers, challenging them from just being order takers to having an exciting reason to promote sales linked with incentives and drive over performance!

Our incentive platform options will ensure you have the best options to drive sales and increase share of wallet with your customers.


Create the drive to succeed with visual leaderboards. A little healthy competition goes a long way, and our leaderboards are the best option to do that. Restrict or display all the metrics you want as customers strive for the best.

Target Tracking

Annual spend, KPI’s or self-funded targets are an engaging & visual solution to drive customer performance to an ultimate reward. Set over key selling periods, you can help customers plan out their success and manage how they track to achievement.

The goal of an incentive program is to drive desired outcomes by offering tangible rewards or benefits in exchange for achieving predefined goals or criteria. Incentive Programs can be used to:

Achieve Business Goals: Incentive programs align participants’ actions with your organisation strategic objectives. Whether it’s increasing sales or new product ranges, incentives help direct efforts toward your desired outcomes.
Improve Customer Loyalty: Targeted Incentive programs can enhance loyalty and increase repeat business. Offering exclusive events, merchandise packages or tiered benefits, incentive programs can encourage customers to choose your brand over competitors.
Strengthen Partnerships: Incentive programs linked with travel incentives and events will give your business new ways to develop and strengthen relationships with distributors, partners, and suppliers.
Create Competition: Healthy competition among customers or even sales teams can be stimulated through incentive programs. Competition and the desire to be recognized as the best can have exponential positive effects on an incentive program.

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B2B Reward Programs

Celebrate and recognise the best in your business.

Rewards program should be designed to recognise and celebrate the success of customers, staff, and other key stakeholders. Offering rewards and reward points for sales, behavioural, or other business metrics your company is wanting to achieve.

Participants earn value for every transaction made with the points earned giving access to a range of exciting rewards and prize options.

The beauty of reward programs is that they don’t have to be as complex in structure, or long-term sales goals as loyalty or incentive programs. There are times when businesses simply want to recognise customers’ business and celebrate those moments.

Our reward platform options will ensure you have the best options to drive sales and increase your share of wallet with your customers.

Rewards catalogue

Dynamic reward catalogues for any customer demographic. Customers will have access to real value with thousands of merchandise, Visa gift cards, and experiences choices to redeem from. Locally curated rewards delivered for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Bonus Reward Campaigns

A B2B reward program can fill your sales gaps or new product launches with bonus point campaigns awarding value and targeting your desired product ranges. Bonus point campaigns will create engagement and recognise those loyal to your product range.

Rewards Programs can be used to:

Recognise Customer Loyalty: Rather than rebates, offer rewards points to keep customers close and build repeat purchases!
• Attract New Customers: As part of sales offers, do not give discounts, or offer added benefits or rewards. Effective reward programs can attract new customers who are enticed by the benefits and incentives being offered.
• Collect Customer Data: A key driver for many B2B businesses is holding active customer databased and reward programs are a way companies can gather valuable data on customer preferences and behaviour. Offering you the ability to communicate targeted marketing offers from a rewards program.
• Boost Sales and Growth: By adding reward tiers you can offer more value for increased purchases of larger transactions potentially increasing customer sales value.

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The B2B Incentive & Reward Partner – End-To-End

Your strategy is one thing, but the execution is another. That’s why we have all the skills to create your incentive and reward plan, set out the communication strategy and launch the initiative without a hiccup.
We cover the full process end-to-end:
• Creative concept, launch, and communications
• Reports, insights, and program optimisation
• Day-to-day program management and administration
• Participant query support
• Reward programs fulfilment and query handling

We’re not just your typical B2B Incentive programs supplier or reward programs fulfilment house.

We provide services in key areas of strategic B2B program design, software solutions, program management and tailored communications, and the fulfillment and delivery of all types of rewards, merchandise catalogues (physical, digital, experience), prepaid Visa cards, and travel and events.

Whether you want to tap into our full strategic service or our turnkey solutions, we would be delighted to partner with you and implement a winning, incentive, rewards, or loyalty strategy that connects your customers and channel partners with your brand.

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