Education & Study Tours

Learning never stops.

How you engage and promote that learning has immediate benefits to individuals and businesses alike. Education and information sharing is a driver for all businesses, no matter the audience. Well designed education programs and events should allow for any level of customer or internal stakeholder to participant and educate.  

Executive Education

Oxford - executive education
Mature businesswoman giving a presetation at a conference. Everyone at the meeting is sat around a table making notes and listening to the presentation.

212F have established partnerships with illustrious universities Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford and can create a custom executive education program for any organisation, of every size and type.  Each program can be tailored to a specific industry and/or business need, using the extensive resources and world class subject matter experts and ensuring they are strategically aligned to the needs of your business. Most companies don’t realise just how accessible these programs can be.

By offering the very best professional development and learning environments for your key stakeholders it enables immediate benefits for not only individuals, but also your business, resulting in a positive return on investment. Retention, personal growth, and relationship building are some key outcomes seen by those companies investing in executive education programs. They provide a long-term strategic outcome, by ensuring the application of learned practices are put into everyday business processes.

Study Tours

Study Tour
Young attractive students of mechatronics working on project together

Knowledge share and insights are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s market. Not everyone wants or can demonstrate product and information sessions in a conference room. This gives the opportunity for hands on learning direct from the source. What is better than a local factory tour you ask? An international study tour program, where you and your attendees can experience and understand industry trends from around the world! 

Study tours are the opportunity to take applied learning to the source. Just imagine taking your attendees on tours of manufacturing plants in Tokyo followed by VIP seats at a sumo wrestling tournament; attending TedX and hearing from world class speakers at an industry trade show in Las Vegas, before helicopter flights and Harley rides down the strip; visiting hardware and trade stores in the UK, followed by a behind the scenes tour at Lord’s; or farming and agricultural touring throughout Europe.

No matter the industry, or destination, 212F will work with you to tailor a well-rounded and highly immersive study tour and learning experience. A unique opportunity to combine education and insights with an unforgettable travel experience.

Allow 212F’s expert event managers to create a program that combines business, learning and lasting memories for your key stakeholders while you focus on building relationships.

  • Access to world leading universities 
  • Education programs tailored to your business
  • Access to world class industry trends 
  • Study tours & factory tours
  • Hands on & immersive experiences
  • Tailored itineraries
  • Measurable ROI and ROO

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