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Don’t just tell stories. Make new ones…

Gala & awards dinners or networking events held to celebrate, launch, reward or excite an audience should never be left to chance. Whether the event is for 20 or 2,000 guests the moments in the event should be celebratory, typically recognising the achievements and successes of individuals or a collective whilst focused on building lasting relationships. That is why you must have the experiences, production and creative needs to match the excellence of the event, our professional event managers can lead the way.

Gala & Awards Dinners, Product Launches, Celebrations & Special Events 

Our incentive DNA gives us the edge when it comes to creating gala dinners and special events. We’re known as a creative and experiential agency and have a flair for unforgettable experiences!

Everything we do together starts with a deep understanding of your brand, objectives, and target audience.  Expertly managing all aspects of your event, 212F event mangers ensure your vision stays front of mind throughout the entire journey.  

Each event has its own voice and we ensure this is showcased in all immersive elements; from the invitation, décor & theming, entertainment, venue selection and production. We believe that every detail planned reveals more to the audience and only enhances the recognition and celebrations of why your event is held. 

Whether it’s a gala dinner, awards evening or product launch, 212F event managers and producers carefully curate bespoke concepts that create impactful and long-lasting memories.

Experiential Networking Events 

How we engage with clients or important stakeholders has changed. People are more time poor than ever, because of this, we are working smarter and there is a growing need for new and unique client networking events that are desired by key stakeholders, meaning they will want to attend.

So, if you have been sitting in front of Google searching the next client entertainment idea or are tired of hosting a football suite, then it might be time to switch to experiential networking events. 

Bringing elements of excitement and personalisation, we have created a range of local experiential networking ideas for your next client event. From learning to fly a helicopter, to driving a Lamborghini through the wine region, VIP access to sporting legends, or a private tasting experience with the country’s celebrity master chefs, we can curate unique and aspirational options to suit any demographic, group size and budget.

Since COVID-19 border closures & lockdowns has made domestic travel uncertain, these localised options offer you the flexibility to operate smaller, more focused events that your target audience will have no hesitation in attending. There is no doubt that a personalised, experiential event will help bring you closer to your partners to build those ever-important lasting relationships. 

Let us look after the finer details as we create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, and you can start work on an acceptance speech! 

  • Unique concepts curated especially for your brand 
  • Memorable experiences and events
  • Venue selection 
  • Décor, styling & theming 
  • AV, lighting, production 
  • Talent management, celebrities, speakers and entertainment
  • Catering requirements
  • Communications campaign, teasers & engagers
  • Invitation and registration management
  • On-site event management

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