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The only B2B Engagement Agency that challenges how incentive, reward and loyalty programs should work.

B2B Incentive Solutions Designed for Australia and New Zealand

There aren’t many B2B engagement agencies around… and even fewer that know Aussie and Kiwi business the way we do. We challenge them to implement B2B sales incentives, loyalty, and reward programs that positively change behaviour.

Since 1996, we have developed a system to understand the organisation’s pain points, and together we design and execute exceptional non-cash B2B sales incentive and rewards programs. Our unique blend of strategy, products and approach is complemented by the fact that we are a single-source supplier of B2B incentives and reward solutions, we work with you to design engagement strategies and/or provide you with ready-to-use platforms and rewards that drive the change in behaviour you need.

Whether you want to tap into our full strategic service or turnkey solutions, we would be delighted to work with you and implement a winning incentive and rewards program.

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B2B Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a customer marketing practice that incentivises clients to do consistent business with your company. As the name reveals, loyalty programs develop stronger relations and engagement in your business to achieve brand loyalty. Nurturing customer loyalty is essential for B2B companies since it allows them to build long-term relationships and, eventually, change long-term behaviour benefiting your business.


B2B Loyalty Program features:

  • Shift Customer Spend
  • Long-term behaviour change
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer retention
  • Insights to enhance business strategies
  • much more…
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B2B Incentive & Reward Programs

Incentive programs are a way for businesses to give more to get more from their customers. In simpler terms, you are rewarding the customer’s purchase. Incentive programs reward customers after achieving a sales target or goal. Instead of rewarding clients with gift cards or discounts, an incentive program usually presents them with a more valuable reward that has been earned by the customer.


B2B Incentive Program features:

  • Drives sales growth and gain share of wallet
  • The program can be self-funded
  • Target new customer acquisition
  • Customer growth
  • much more…
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