B2B Loyalty and Incentive success is achieved with strategy first

Create measurable changes in behaviours that improve your business performance by partnering with B2B experts.

Ensure your strategy to designed to achieve goals, not just giveaway rewards

Since 1996, 212F has been influencing and changing the behaviour of B2B sales channel across New Zealand and Australia. Our local program design teams and reward experts will create a loyalty and incentive program built around your business and objectives, matched with a reward options to drive engagement and success.

It’s why we think Strategy First, Rewards Second.

Our B2B Loyalty & Incentive Toolkit

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Creating measurable change and behaviours that improve your business performance begins with building the right strategy. To build a successful customer, distributor, or channel partner incentive program, you need a partner who doesn’t just offer single options or make you fit your business requirements to a fixed reward platform and declare your loyalty program is “live”.

You want a partner with experience in B2B sales incentive and loyalty that understands your pain points, the dynamics between you and your distributors, customers and channel partners, and their purchase behaviours… all with the goal of creating something that actually motivates and lifts performance.

Our Approach & Methodology

We believe your B2B incentive and reward program must focus on achieving business objectives. Rather than rolling out a cookie-cutter program that doesn’t factor in your circumstances, we take the time to understand everything we can before we begin.


Scratching The Surface

The foundation of an excellent strategy is knowing how you engage within your industry and its unique features. With insights about your customers, distribution, sales staff, buying behaviours, challenges and pain points, we assemble the building blocks to determine an engagement program that delivers you genuine ROI.

B2B Strategy First

Based on your business insights, we will build a strategic plan unique to your business objectives. The plan will outline your engagement solution-to-be, how your program kicks goals, and how to measure the results it set out to achieve.

Reward Second

For us, it’s the final piece of the puzzle. With our “strategy first, rewards second” approach, you know in advance what rewards will get you a long-term behaviour change with your program. And whatever you use to inspire performance — from Visa Prepaid Cards, Merchandise or Travel Incentives — is 100% supported by our in-house management and delivery teams.

Complete B2B Incentive and Loyalty Solutions for Business Transformation

Whether your sales channels hit the high notes or fall flat, building a loyalty rewards program to change your distribution channel behaviours starts with solid foundations.

An incentive and rewards program aims to influence behaviours for the better. The risk is that the wrong incentives don’t trigger any change or, worse, it creates unwanted patterns. But when you combine behavioural insights with a matching strategy, you can inspire almost anyone to achieve the goals you’re after.

A B2B incentive is an offer to influence customers who have an account with you and purchase your products or service or your sales team or sales channel who sell and recommend your product.

Incentives are measurable and can be linked to an ROI. When participants in your incentive program don’t achieve the behaviours or benchmarks you have established, they don’t get rewarded, which means you’re not spending money on what you don’t achieve. And if they do, it means that your program is working well and you are getting the results you set out to reach out of your investment.

Full strategic service

The framework to think Strategy first, Rewards second

It’s time to evolve! Don’t just dangle a carrot. Think strategy first, reward second!

  • Start with identifying the pain points in your channel network – that involve your brand and network challenges.
  • Define what behaviour you need to change or encourage to achieve our business objectives.
  • What are you asking program participants to do to achieve the reward?
  • How are you going to influence behaviour to accomplish the change?
  • Articulate the behaviour you want to achieve and the benefits.
  • Celebrating achievement with a reward.

Every business and every industry are different. They all are in different stages of growth and have various pain points. So, recognising the complexities of human behaviour and relevancies at work and the pain points in your channel and distribution network will make your incentive program succeed.

Some of the pain points we have solved with our program over the years:

  • Share of wallet
  • Market share
  • Demand growth
  • Customer retention
  • Staff engagement and retention
  • Customers acquisitions
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • and many more…


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