212F Labs – Business Analytics for Incentives

Go beyond the usual business analytics and move to a B2B incentive and insights engine.

It’s time to make insightful decisions based on business analytics, not just gut feeling

212F Labs is more than just your program development team or business analytics platform supplier. Our team works with you and your program, from design to ongoing performance reviews and recommendations.

The team is in the lab, working to help you build deeper relationships and stay closely connected to customers. We believe data analytics and insights will be crucial to your business analytics.

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Turning Incentive Program Data Into Insights

When we review your program, it’s always with the program objective goals, pain points, customer demographics, and critical sales data in mind — making our recommendations and insights relevant to your incentive and reward program.


Insightful Collaboration

212F Labs’ DNA keeps challenging, progressing, and developing our industry, so we constantly bring innovative and tangible benefits to our client’s programs.

Finding the right partnerships is critical when it comes to ever-evolving business intelligence and data analytics. That is why we have partnered with Decisive, a Data Analytics Agency with over 50 years of experience turning raw data into valuable insights, which they call Customer Science.


Together with you, we visualise your incentive and rewards program data by using strategy, business intelligence and business analytics. We will help you understand your participants’ behaviour and recommend steps to engage with them and drive change.


The 212F Labs team is not your classic IT development team. We love client interactions and want to get involved from the start of a program design.  The planning stage and how the technical build supports a B2B strategically designed program is critical. For this crucial reason alone, the 212F Labs team will have a guiding hand during all stages of your incentive and reward program build.

  • Program concept design
  • Technical build and documentation
  • Program development and timelines
  • Milestone reports and recommendations

The First Step To Create Measurable Change In Your Business

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