Travel Incentives & Events programs to deliver corporate ambitions

Unique Travel and Event experiences are easy when design strategy is at the heart of it.

Every B2B Travel Incentives & Events supplier is the same until you find a partner that delves into your Event Behaviour Strategy.

Is design thinking at the core of your next event and travel experience?

At 212F, we’ve had over 26 years’ experience in B2B travel incentives and corporate rewards programs. Over these years, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on corporate travel and events. Despite this, most companies have little or no plan for strategic outcomes of these events and travel.

Most B2B events start by aligning strategy with a single marketing objective, a destination, or event content. They still fail, however, to scratch the surface of the sales opportunities they could achieve for the entire business.

Because of this, we developed our unique, market-leading strategic B2B travel incentives and rewards process. This is aimed at maximising B2B buying behaviours to achieve, and often surpass digital marketing and sales goals. We call this process the E-Series.

The E-Series Event Behaviour Model

Most events may start by aligning strategy to a single marketing objective, a destination, or the event content itself. But, they fail to scratch the surface of what companies can achieve for the entire business.

From this view, we have developed a unique, market-leading strategic process based on changing behaviours to achieve and often surpass marketing and sales objectives.

212F’s E-Series Event Behaviour Model considers people, content and behaviours to identify and align with current and desired business outcomes.

Our Event Behaviour Model targets your business needs by first identifying desired business outcomes and attendee behaviours before pairing these with each B2B event.

At 212F, We Change Behaviour – and we mean it!


True Partnership

Let us sit with you to understand your event outcomes.

We will rank the most desired inclusions of your next program or event through our Event Behaviour model. We will then guide and show you the best travel and event options available to you.

It starts with understanding “why” you are running this event and whether it aligns with your current business objectives.

Steps to Success

Based on your business challenges and objectives, we assign the most relevant Event Behaviours to your program and use this to ‘reconstruct’ a new event portfolio.

This way, your events are more aligned to your business objectives and, therefore, a better Return on Investment.

Simple as 1, 2, E!

The E-Series is our targeted strategy to define experiences and inclusions for your next event.

We have developed SIX E’s in this series and will formulate your travel or event program to align with your key sales objectives.



Enhanced networking and engagement environments that strengthen and nurture personal and professional relationships.


Elite B2B buyer experiences challenge conventional thinking by always offering an exclusive, first-in-class approach.


Engaging in social or community initiatives and ethically oriented practices that enhance consumer well-being and give back to society.

Get in touch with us to explore the full potential of the E series model!

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