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We Change B2B Behaviour. It’s all we do, so, we do it well.

Incentives & loyalty programs to drive sales growth in your channel.

To Lift Your Incentives Game, It’s All About Strategy

We believe in the STRATEGY FIRST, REWARDS SECOND approach.

When you design behaviour strategies for better returns through B2B incentives, rewards and loyalty programs, you truly engage your customers, reseller, trades or channel partners to create opportunities to make long-term behavioural changes.

We aren’t afraid to ask “why”, and that’s the reason so many of our clients choose us as partners.

We always ensure our clients start a B2B loyalty and incentive program design with strategy in the forefront of their minds and not rewards. It’s easy to start thinking about rewards, whether that’s the latest gadget, gift cards or even an event or travel incentive trip; as much as rewards are an essential incentive element, the most successful programs are outcome based, not reward focused.

Incentives programs are offered in order to change behaviours. And we need to ask, what are the current behaviours and do we want to change that? To start answering this question, we need to understand the pain points in your process and how we can relieve them using the best loyalty program to achieve desired business outcomes for your organisation.

Whether you want more share of wallet, sales growth, new customer acquisitions or retention of current customers, at 212F, our experienced team of incentive and loyalty professionals are always itching to create great incentives and loyalty solutions with engaging rewards

Your True Partners

When we work together, we ensure that we have the right information about your business, customers and channel to build a program strategy to meet your needs and objectives.


Dive Deep

To drive real behaviour change, you have to know what creates that behaviour. Together, we uncover everything about your sales channels, customers, and business pain points, all with the intent of building a B2B incentive and loyalty program that works specifically for your business.


Build The Right Strategy

You only get the right rewards and incentives program if you’ve got the right strategy. Once we understand how your business works, we will develop a plan with you to be the heart of your new performance-driving program.

Hit Your Goals

Ultimately, you want to see the best return for your investment, whether it’s higher sales, increased share of wallet, new customers or better engagement. With your strategy now crystallised, we’ll work with you to select the best rewards mix to power your program.

B2B Incentive Rewards That Shine

Experience shows that people will go above and beyond to achieve a reward when you offer something that fits their expectations.

So, give your sales channels what they want…We’ve got a wide range of reward options that any target audience would love, and more sales your way!

From merchandise rewards, travel incentives and Visa prepaid cards, we’ll match the reward mix and then manage everything in-house. Get the perfect reward offer to complement your program strategy and drive real change in behaviour.

KoruGreen Commitment

212F Group Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events are now net zero!

Our sustainability journey kicks off with our commitment to making all the 212F Group Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events net-zero.

At ZERO COST to our clients!

KoruGreen - sustainable events and travel incentives

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