Here’s What to Know About B2B Marketing Consultants

Growth can be a tricky thing, especially in the B2B sphere. Once you’ve nailed your brand, audience, and product, one would expect that sales would just come flowing, wouldn’t you? However, it isn’t really that simple. A successful B2B business requires constant upkeep and modification of marketing strategy in the face of sales competition and market factors.

If these fears are on your mind, you’ll likely be considering taking out the business of a B2B marketing consultant. After all, it’s their livelihood to provide marketing strategies to external companies and dedicate their marketing efforts to ensure the success of their business partners.

However, if marketing strategy and growth are what your business is seeking, then your answer may lay directly in front of your eyes in the form of B2B loyalty programs. B2B businesses can capture the engagement and share of wallet of their channel partners, allowing growth and consistency of spend from their clients. This article will outline how a B2B marketing consultant can help your business, but there are definite similarities in the effect between the two!

B2B Marketing vs B2C Marketing – Understanding the Difference for your B2B Marketing Consultants Needs

Now that you understand what expertise a B2B marketing consultant can bring, as well as the benefits that come from segmenting your audience into targeted sub-sections, it’s important to ensure that the marketing strategies you’d like to implement are correct to your specific audience. After all, you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring a professional and identifying your dream customers, why waste all that strategic marketing you’ve already put in?

Treating your B2B audience like a B2C audience is a big mistake. There are ways that the strategy between audiences will share an overlap, but the two markets are not identical.

With B2B customers, these purchases are far less impulsive. With a series of decisions to be made within the business chain, factors such as ROI, education around solving pain points leading to detailed content, and awareness of a far longer buying process are required. Applying early pressure will only turn off potential customers, even if you’re certain that your product or services can alleviate business troubles.

Knowing the way that businesses who will be using your product or services will initially uncover and consider doing business with you is integral for your strategic and digital marketing strategies. Ensuring that your online marketing and content marketing aligns with the preferred market will allow you to prepare educational and compelling content. This will turn lead generation much more likely into sales, as doing business with a company that understands both the solution and the cost of implementing change in an existing organization can put your audience’s mind at ease.

By understanding your audience and implementing these factors into your strategic and digital marketing campaigns, your business is much more likely to succeed in converting lead generation into sales than competing businesses in your industry. After all, by observing your audience through a range of digital and strategic lenses, you can effectively develop and implement tactics through the advertising process to ensure your customers feel confident that your brand understands their pain points and can effectively solve them.

And if you’re interested in exploring a way to enhance your digital marketing and lead generation through B2B loyalty program benefits, reach out to us today. We have the marketing strategy and marketing expertise to engage your customers through exciting B2B loyalty and incentive campaigns that your customer base will find irresistible. We’ve worked on reward programs Australia and New Zealand-wide – find out today what we can do for your brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any marketing consultant worth their salt will be able to greatly assist your brand’s marketing through new technology. SEO, or search engine optimization, allows your brand to rank higher against competitors, and tailor a specific message. By creating a message direct to the segment of your market that you’re targeting, it should create an ease in terms of lead generation. In addition, they can assist with digital marketing such as social media campaigns, providing strategy to effectively meet your audience and address their pain points.

  • A B2B marketing consultant can assist with strategies for a variety of different aspects of your brand. They can create strategy for SEO, social media, audience segmentation, lead generation, and various others. As they are professionals in the industry, you can trust that they will be able to provide essential strategies to enhance your brand and connect with your audience.

  • Your B2B loyalty program won’t operate like a B2C program, such as card reward programs. You’ll encounter benefits specific to the B2B flow, such as customer retention, greater lifetime spend, greater amounts of data to analyse to better tailor your campaigns and segment your audiences for improved flow through the sales cycle.

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