Make Your Move – Toyo Tires B2B Incentive Program Case Study

How an Incentive Program Captured 100% of the Audience

This B2B incentive program case study explores how, in a competitive market where your success is decided by your suppliers, your brand needs to find ways to stand above the competition and sway your customers to become brand advocates. Regardless of size, this is something that can affect any business – so it’s important to work out how to engage your audience and turn them into your biggest promoters.

This is exactly the case with our clients, Toyo Tires. An international tyre distributor well-known for its durability and performance, they still found difficulty in breaking through in the Australian market when their stock was left to be promoted by their customers, meaning that they struggled to cut through to the end customers.

Our solution – create an engaging B2B incentive program that lead to over 120% sales growth and hit 100% engagement in the selected dealerships, resulting in every participant attending an exclusive travel incentive to Hawaii.

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“Make Your Move” B2B Incentive Case Study

If you’re currently struggling with finding a way to cut through to your end-customers, this case is perfect for you.

With an ROI of 4:1 and a 100% engagement rate shared across all participants, this program is a great example of the power of B2B incentives – and how to turn your customers into your most powerful asset.

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