Beaulieu Australia – A Compelling Success

The Challenge

Beaulieu Australia “Beaulieu” is one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Australia, recognised as a market leader in solution dyed technology and environmentally friendly floor-coverings. Beaulieu carpets are sold through carpet resellers throughout Australia. The floor coverings industry is a fiercely competitive market, with carpet manufacturers using different methods to position themselves apart from the competition.

Beaulieu had been running a successful customer loyalty program for several years, which rewarded resellers for sales of Beaulieu products in the form of points that could be redeemed for cash on a Beaulieu branded prepaid Visa card.

With some of its competitors introducing new reward programs, Beaulieu wanted to stand out from the rest and evolve their program to the next level. They wanted a unique and motivating program to capture carpet resellers’ engagement and loyalty, which would increase sales for Beaulieu.

The main objectives of the program were: 

Product Switch & Price Protection: Beaulieu wanted to ensure that a new program would drive additional sales to a broader range of products without having to discount pricing to encourage customers to switch to the product range. To ensure the incentive program delivered a positive return on investment, the travel reward had to be funded through the program, so Beaulieu still had the flexibility to compete in the market.

Attractive Rewards: With competitors launching their own loyalty programs, Beaulieu wanted to ensure a new initiative reward was aspirational enough to grab the attention and interest of their target audience. As travel is the top aspirational reward, it does come with the highest budget needs. With budget restrictions and aspirational travel experience as priorities, the program design needed to be self-funded and the destination affordable yet desirable.  

Engaging Communication Platform: With competitive messages in the market, the importance of an effective communication platform was even more important. The Beaulieu incentive program needed a communication plan that would enhance engagement and drive results for the program.

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The Solution

Innovative Program Design
Focusing on the primary objective, 212F decided to design the program to increase the Share of Wallet in the competitive space Beaulieu was operating. We introduced incrementally higher purchase targets that included self-funded elements to ensure the program paid for itself and success wasn’t seen as an additional cost for Beaulieu. The target-based program design ensured that the ‘reward value’ only kicked in once the investment was recovered, giving the client financial security.

Creativity to achieve an aspirational reward
The chosen travel incentive destination met both the aspirational elements that would give participants the perfect mix of luxury and adventure and on a reasonable budget so that the qualifying targets wouldn’t be seen as unachievable.

Siem Reap, Cambodia, was the ideal choice. From magnificent temples of Angkor to adventurous zip lines, jeep tours, quad bike safari, or a relaxing spa treatment, Siem Reap was a unique designation with plenty to offer everyone. 

Engaging Communications
A strategic and engaging communication plan was created to ensure consistent engagement through the program period. With a branded reward platform as the central point for the program, regular personalised performance tracking EDM and SMS were sent to each participant.

Individualised messages were created so every participant had their own engagement points and motivation triggers to continue purchasing. Frequent travel and promotion information was loaded in real-time, so customers knew where they placed on a leaderboard and ranked themselves against the competition. As a result, participant engagement was high, with EDM open rates of >36% and 80% of all registered customers s visiting the program website twice a month.

The Outcome

Overall, the Beaulieu reward program was a compelling success. Some of the results delivered included:

  • Smashed the sales target! The incentive program delivered massive sales growth giving Beaulieu an ROI of 5:1 
  • Increased share of wallet in a competitive marketplace.
  • Strategic communications to maintain engagement throughout the program, including launch events, printed collateral and unique video teasers, strengthening customer engagement. 
  • Beaulieu Sales Reps had the opportunity to be rewarded if their customers reached their targets. This strengthened relationships between the sales reps and key accounts due to regular and consistent communications.
  • An aspirational travel experience that will be remembered for years to come. 
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