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Aspirational rewards inspire extraordinary performance

If you love your work, you’ll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon, everybody around will catch the passion from you – like a fever.

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Although we agree with Mr Walton, we believe the passion and love for work is a two-way street. Take sales teams; for some, they are the most valuable members of an organisation- when it comes to revenue generation and customer engagement, they have the potential to drive your entire company’s financial success. But, they’re also some of the most difficult to keep focused and motivated in the areas you want.

The same attention and love also benefit your channel partners and customers, ensuring the “relationship ” remains strong.

So how can you keep both groups focused on sales growth, keeping integral teams motivated, and achieving your sales goals? By bringing them together with a similar aspirational target! It’s through implementing a strategic B2B incentive program with reward incentives that will inspire peak performance.

The most straightforward example would be designing a program with a travel incentive as the top reward. Travel Incentive programs are proven to be the most engaging motivator. They can support any business initiative, drive sales growth, inspire action, boost engagement and help you build brand loyalty. As a reward, travel incentives are aspirational; and when executed correctly, you will have stakeholders talking about your incentive experience for years to come.

Travel incentives provide an incredible opportunity to celebrate success and reward top-achieving sales performers, employees, customers, or channel partners with an aspirational travel experience they will never forget. And if you have criteria and link customers’ achievements with your internal sales team, you have a strategy working in perfect harmony!

Within these connected moments, you have the invaluable opportunity to strengthen relationships with the most important people in your business with face-to-face bonding as you experience once-in-a-lifetime memories with your most important stakeholders. 

According to the 2022 IRF pulse survey on incentive travel, a whopping 86.5% have planned incentive travel; of that, 50% of travel plans were going to an international destination. 

Sounds too easy, right? Let’s discuss some hurdles in implementing a Travel Incentive program. 


Although the most aspirational reward, budget is the biggest hurdle in planning for an incentive travel reward. Strategic program design is more than simply throwing a travel destination into your reward mix. A common mistake is to focus on the travel destination instead of putting your program strategy first. 

Including growth targets in your incentive design will increase sales and share of wallet beyond the set target. If you don’t, your target audience will simply move to the next competitor incentive they see once the target is reached. Check out how a self-funded program can fund your next travel incentive.

Program Management

We have seen clients suggest they would like to manage the incentive travel. If you think the same, it’s excellent, but have you considered 

  • last minute changes
  • destination alternatives
  • local areas to explore 
  • and most importantly, making those 100 guests feel a million dollars!  

Usually, using an agency as a partner will not add additional costs for the company but instead provide

  • outstanding personalised service
  • No extra cost typically (in fact, you often benefit from industry discounts and agency relationships)
  • On-site staff
  • Branded technology offering
  • The communication team is available to interact with attendees, making it easier for the organiser

Case Study – We change behaviour, and we just don’t say it; we mean it! 

We managed an incentive program for our clients, Beaulieu, who are recognised as market leaders in solution-dyed technology and environmentally friendly floor-coverings. The incentive program not only included an aspirational travel destination but also resulted in:

  • Massive sales growth giving the client an ROI of 5:1 
  • Increased share of wallet in a competitive marketplace
  • An aspirational travel experience that will be remembered for years to come

Check out the Case Study below

Case Study Header sept 21

The best travel partners across Australia and New Zealand

212F’s roots are in incentive travel, and for over 25 years, we have been delighted to create award-winning and bespoke travel programs, both locally and worldwide. Our extensive network of relationships across the globe allows us to provide value and expertise to our clients. 

Our philosophy of strategy first and reward second means that we work with you on how to achieve the business performance outcomes you desire.

When it comes to incentive trips, the little details count. With 212F’s incentive DNA, your delegates will be delighted, not only on the trip but in the lead-up and long after they return, to ensure maximum engagement. In addition, 212F will work with you to design engaging communications and teaser campaigns, which are just as important as the trip itself. 

Your guests will also benefit from our in-house travel management services as delegates are provided truly personalised service, including pre and post-extension bookings. We treat each delegate as an individual, not just a number.

A 212F incentive travel experience is unlike anything your guests will ever experience!

Partner with 212F and know that you have an experienced team that understands your objectives and completely delivers your travel incentive program in-house, from end to end:

  • Memorable experiences with access to “money can’t buy” 
  • We treat your delegates as individuals, not just a number
  • We tailor your program to your brand, so it is more than just a destination
  • Our skilled team will create, implement and project manage every step of the way 
  • Group flight bookings
  • On-ground services – complete end-to-end event management
  • In-house travel agent services, including travel extensions
  • Budget management with an open book policy 
  • Planning, timeline management and communication 
  • Full delegate registration management and reporting
  • Themed events and gala dinners
  • Room drops, gifts and teaser campaign
  • Partner programs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities
  • World-renowned for creative experiences (Winner of 7 x SITE Crystal Global Awards)

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