Incentive Program Communications

So you’ve launched a points-based rewards incentive program for your business customers.

Now, what’s next?

After any program launch, a well-designed comms strategy does the heavy lifting to engage customers. But, unfortunately, we often see communications strategies sidelined, and the engagement approach is a set of generic mass emails.

Such emails might have some basic personalisation, such as point balances, new updates, or activities to drive tactical engagement. The main purpose of these comms is to nudge participants to check the program website and see how they’re tracking towards a reward. But is this enough?

If you are already allocating points to customers, there are ways to use this data and improve your program engagement. Leveraging data in your comms strategy will tie everything together and increase engagement via a communications strategy.

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Compare the approach. This is how it goes with generic comms:

Hi John, you have 2,400 points in the program. Well done, reward yourself with one of the amazing items in the program catalogue. Btw, next month we have some offers. So make sure to make the most of the program and earn more points.

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But when you use data this is how the same message could look like:

Hi John, the 2,400 points you’ve earned in the last three months means that the speaker you’ve been looking at in our reward catalogue can be yours now. Our way to say thanks for your business. Btw, next month, there are some specials in the same product line you’ve purchased. Please make the most of it!

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This example not only shows John his points balance, but he can see how long it took him to accumulate those points. We are also saying John, thanks for your business with a relevant reward that he fancies, and we are also letting him know how he can earn rewards again and keep his business with us.

Contact us if you would like to learn how this approach may benefit your program communications.

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