Gamified B2B sales incentive for rockin’ results and rewards

Showcase of a retail sales staff incentive that needed an encore!

While it’s not the only category within the communications industry, the mobile phone space is one we’re often active in, activating retail sales staff with gamified B2B sales incentives and reward programs across Australia and New Zealand.

The common focus of a mobile phone manufacturer is the distribution of their product via retail reseller networks, who stock a range of mobile phone brands and options. Although the role of above the line marketing activities primes customers to have a brand preference, the final purchasing decision is frequently made at the shop floor.

The challenge for a handset manufacturer often lies in promoting their product and influencing decisions in this “last 3 feet” of the customer journey.

In this particular showcase, we identified the pain points as:

  • Increase in share of wallet and margin growth (primary)
  • Increase knowledge transfer (secondary)

Incentive and reward programs designed to solve these problems can be done in a number of ways. However, during this retail sales incentive design we had to weigh up the variables, such as the stakeholders, the buyer, the sales person, their direct employer and the retailer itself. When considering design elements, we also had to identify enablers and barriers to achieving the objective.

This is where a gamified B2B sales incentive built within our reward solutions involved a behavioural economic principles – attribute priming. The following explores a unique approach, taking on gamified and nostalgic elements where high engagement was achieved with simple collectable cards.

Gamified B2B sales incentive structure

Rewards points were earned for selling mobile phones or completing product-based training. Sales staff were invited into the incentive program via a launch pack that, among other things, contained a branded t-shirt. The goal of this pack was to create buzz and motivate sales staff.

Sales staff registered through an program branded online B2B incentive program portal, then watched videos explaining how the program worked, such as how to claim and what points were available to earn in the incentive program.

As staff sold devices, they logged into the portal to claim points with the unique 12-digit identification number or IMEI number on the phone – see data flow.

gamified b2b sales incentive data flow

To facilitate product knowledge transfer and to educate on the value of genuine accessories, training was delivered via the online platform. Bonus rewards points were issued for successful completion of questionnaires.

Each claim of a sold phone or accessory triggered two rewards. The first was a number of reward points which accumulated and could be redeemed in an online merchandise catalogue.

The second reward was a three pack of collectible trading cards. The trading cards formed a fictitious band of 6 members: Alya, Razr, Sexton, Tiamon, Silliqua and Blade.

To unlock exclusive rewards a limited amount of metal key cards where produced.

We linked the trading cards to an exclusive live event promoting the phone band and headlined by a popular chart topping band.

 An event ticket soon became hot property. Scoring a ticket involved getting a metal key card and collecting the complete set of band members cards. Cards could be traded between sales staff, which created buzz in itself.

The final outcome – kicking ass on all measurables and objectives!

This concept isn’t a one-off, “never to be repeated” type of activity. If you have similar conditions, this kind of program could be perfect for you.

  • Similar objectives of increasing share of wallet and promoting knowledge transfer
  • Product sales that have a high value transaction
  • A need to cut through and engage with sales staff
  • Similar demographics

To find out how these style of gamified retail store promotions and sales incentives could work for your business contact our team of experts.

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