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An Incentive Travel destination that will take your breath away!

Continuing our incentive travel series – we take our showcase a little further and look international!

The interest of an international travel incentive for your B2B incentive program is now at an all-time high, but with budget constraints and unpredictable flight costs – finding a destination that offers bang for your buck is key, and what better place than Singapore? 

No longer just a stopover destination, Singapore boasts food, drink and culture that can stand with the best – make the destination of your next travel incentive Singapore!

Singapore – A Cultural Kaleidoscope

Singapore has quickly become a favourite of Asia’s ‘must see’ destinations due to its melting pot of cultures. Dining ranges from foodie-favourite Hawker street fare to Michelin-starred restaurants, with a wide range of activities on offer and a happening nightlife, both tourists and locals alike are eager to get out and experience it (and add it to their Instagram grid!).

Those of us with a penchant for green living who might be feeling anxious about being stuck in a bustling cityscape – have no fear! Singapore has recently unveiled its plan of a ‘City in a Garden’, meaning even the beautiful skyline of green skyscrapers feels more like thriving ecosystems than your local CBD. With so much to offer, Singapore is sure to capture the hearts and minds of any travel incentive group, leaving a lasting memory that won’t fade anytime soon.

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Travel Incentive Singapore: Itinerary Example

  • Suggested Duration: 3 nights, 4 days
  • Group Size: 20 rooms (double share)
  • Best Travel Month: Feb – Apr (a year-round destination)
  • Weather: Highs of 31ﹾC, Lows of 25ﹾC

Some destinations to leave your group wanting more:

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  • Take a tuk tuk ride through Singapore’s renowned Hawker Markets, then finish with a Singapore Sling masterclass: There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the classics, and these are all classic parts of Singaporean culture. Dishes like char kway teow, laksa, nasi lamak or chilli crab will have your guests salivating. And what better way to rehydrate after a succulent hot meal than a delicious Singapore sling? Your guests will learn how to make one with guidance from some of Singapore’s expert bartenders at the Raffles Hotel – the birthplace of the drink.
  • Test your skills by making your own gin from scratch at the Brass Lion Distillery: a true trendsetter in Singapore, Brass Lion’s creator Jamie Koh worked with gin distilleries around the world for years to get the know-how on how to distill her own – becoming the first distillery in Singapore in 2012. The care and consideration put into opening the business has allowed Brass Lion to withstand the test of time and is well on its way to worldwide expansion.
  • Spark your creative side by designing your own custom pair of sneakers: Singapore was ahead of the curve when they thought of the Sneakers Art Jamming studio, a workshop where guests can create and customise their very own pair of sneakers in an experience that will stay with them – literally! The studio can supply its own self-manufactured shoes, meaning your guests don’t have to plan ahead.
  • Escape the bright lights of the city to enjoy a 4-course dinner in a Tipi Tent at the world-famous Singapore Zoo: Get away from the city and back to nature with an evening in the wild at Singapore Zoo, which offers a Night Safari package, allowing your guests to get up-close and personal with many of the unique animals from the country. Set out beautifully with soft lighting and the backdrop of an authentic tipi tent, your incentive travel partners will be in awe of the food, wine, and animal friends – and will tell everyone they can once they get back home!
  • Cruise on a bumboat along the Singapore River and let the mix of modern and past drift on by: Let your guests experience history before their eyes with a traditional bumboat (locally known as a tongkang, or sea-going barge) cruise down the Singapore River. Setting out in late afternoon or after dusk is recommended, so that they can catch the sunset over the river, or see the bright lights illuminate the beautiful urban nightscape.

Hotel of Choice – Swissotel The Stamford

Strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping & entertainment districts, step into a world of comfort and experience the finest in Swiss hospitality at Swissotel The Stamford.

One of Southeast Asia’s tallest hotels, you’ll have panoramic views of Singapore and a voyage of epicurean and entertainment pleasures at your doorstep. This will provide a memorable experience to all your guests, allowing them opportunities to explore whatever they may want due to the train station and other transportation nodes at your doorstep, or providing easy access to a central hub for your curated day trips. The importance of organising specific experiences during your incentive program travel is to gain more chances to personalise the trip and create memorable experiences, cementing your future business relationships.

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