Turning Sustainable Travel Incentives into a Reality

The importance and impact of sustainable travel incentives and events cannot be overstated. As the aspirational reward of an incentive program or standalone exclusive events built into B2B loyalty programs, travel incentives and events are an exceptional option to create a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Providing a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience for some of your highest-performing channel partners is an incredible opportunity – one where you can turn customers into active brand advocates who will take every chance to tell their friends and fellow customers about what doing business with your brand did for them.

What if there was a way to provide an aspirational travel destination, event or conference that will leave your customers telling the world while doing so and meeting your corporate social responsibilities?

KoruGreen is an initiative we launched in 2022, where we offer our clients the opportunity to provide sustainable travel incentives, events, and conferences with a net zero carbon footprint for the entire group.

The inclusion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in an event program allows for a focus wider than just allowing or paying for carbon offsets. Deal with limiting carbon-emitting activities before they happen by including CSR programs – let us help plan your next sustainable incentive travel!

Sustainable Travel Incentives Beyond Offsetting

The way we see sustainable travel incentives isn’t just about reporting or paying for carbon offsets , they need to evolve – we’re interested in walking the walk as well. Just as with a successful B2B loyalty or incentive program, the importance of changing behaviour is integral to finding future success, and that’s something we see with sustainability as well.

After all, Booking.com’s annual Sustainable Travel Report for 2023 showed that 76% of surveyed participants want to travel more sustainably over the next 12 months. This illustrates a significant shift in consumer behaviour and shines a light on the importance of marketing efforts of sustainable travel incentives directed towards future generations.

The way we plan our incentives has changed over the last year – we still ensure our programs have that once-in-a-lifetime activities and experiences. Events and travel incentives will always have itineraries that are jam-packed with aspirational activities sure to leave your customers breathlessly telling anyone who’ll listen about their experience with your brand.

However, there are changes to inclusions to create sustainable travel incentives, we are doing this by thinking differently.

Some of these include:

  • Eco-adventures and cultural experiences: what better way to cultivate a positive travel incentive than to provide your guests with an opportunity to learn about local culture and their conservation efforts? National park or rainforest walks are great examples of this, which allow your customers to learn a bit more about local cultures and traditions and demonstrate your organisation’s values at the same time.
  • Sustainable accommodation: We’re not looking to skimp on the luxuries, but what about something like a luxury eco-lodge that uses renewable energy sources and supports local conservation?
  • Sustainable travel activities: By selecting low-carbon transportation and supporting local businesses, you can minimise the impact that your group will have on the visited ecosystem.

We’re also including proposals of local volunteer efforts to leave your group connection to the people and destination, allowing them to see first-hand how they’ve made a difference – which our recent groups have loved!

One example of our sustainable travel incentives is a tour group that went to New York and managed to put on an AU & NZ-style barbecue for the locals.

We used authentic barbecues with locally sourced meats, salads, and bread to bring a taste of our home to the Bronx, and everyone couldn’t get enough! We managed to feed over 200 people in the local community and donated US $5,000 that was split between five different local NFP organisations and gave away 15 small BBQs to local community centres.


It’s no secret that we need to act now for our environment, but it’s our aim to show that not only can travel incentive options thrive, but they can also work towards bettering our world and letting your group help make a difference while doing so.

Our KoruGreen can be your gateway to sustainable incentive travel! Our CSR sustainable incentive travel program options are included in each event program that our team works on, so if you’re interested in seeing how you can take your travel incentives to the next level while letting your customer base know that you’re serious about making a difference, reach out today!

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