The Amazing Impact of Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Event Planning

Travel is in our bones here at 212F. It’s almost like second nature, having seen the impact of what a well-executed B2B travel incentive can do for a brand. Providing trophy value, elevating brand loyalty, increasing brand advocacy from attendees and many more impactful positive aspects can be earned by providing a memorable travel experience to your brand’s most loyal customers. However, we don’t do it alone. We often work with local destination management companies (DMC) for their invaluable know-how and local expertise!

Despite deploying successful travel incentives across Australia and New Zealand since 1996, it’s important to know the power of local knowledge when planning an international travel experience – no matter how much you know about travel, you can’t beat the first-hand experience that comes from local knowledge and local contacts!

What is a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

It’s important to have an agency like 212F to handle the boring but essential parts of planning your B2B travel incentive experience. Flights, accommodation, and transportation are all aspects of your trip that your brand cannot afford to get wrong, and more importantly, it’s our bread and butter. An agency does this every day and therefore has contacts and connections that let us provide you with competitive pricing that a regular company trying to plan an incentive trip on their own simply couldn’t arrive at.

However, that doesn’t mean that we’re experts in every location around the world. Destination management companies (DMCs) are widely used in the travel industry and help us provide once-in-a-lifetime bespoke cultural experiences that cut through any generic trip, letting your guests be part of the location and provide the memorable details that will stay with your closest customers, prompting them to tell everyone about what their favourite brand did for them, all for just being a customer!

DMCs assist event planners in sorting out critical event details and helping with some of the location-based tasks on the planner’s to-do list. The local knowledge offered by a DMC helps us provide the best hotel locations, restaurants, and activities – and advises us on what to avoid.

There is also an additional financial benefit to working with a DMC that you may not realize – in many locations, beyond providing cost-effective suggestions for options, they’re also able to book for you, reducing potential tax payments to be incurred through international purchases.

The connections offered by a DMC provide a variety of benefits to your trip, ranging from authenticity, cost and time savings, local connections to ensure the highest quality benefits for you and your customers, and assistance ensuring that every feature of your trip meets safety standards.

We work with DMCs to ensure that your brand and your guests are subject to only the best parts of the destination, and reduce any potential risks or unnecessary spending, instead focusing on the positives of your trip.

How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Connection with Destination Management Companies (DMC)

While we do all the heavy lifting with the DMC connection, reducing any of the work needed from the client’s side while planning your trip, there are some things you can do to ensure that your vision of the trip is delivered exactly the way you had hoped.

  • Be exact with your budget

By leveraging local expertise, we can offer a significantly wider range of activities and experiences with your trip. By having an exact understanding of your budget, we can work with the DMC to provide exactly what you’re after at the best quality, and at the price you’re looking to spend.

  • Tell us your exact vision

While we do plan all the nitty-gritty of the trip, we’re unfortunately not mind-readers. We’ll sit down and discuss the plan, but by telling us your wildest hopes for the trip, we can work with our local contacts and find out the best way to deliver. It’s not a guarantee that we’ll be able to deliver on some of the wilder aspects, but by telling us your expectations and hopes, we can do everything possible to find a way to deliver your dream experience.

  • Be open to suggestions

While we can’t give you what you want without you offering it up, it’s also important to let the local knowledge offer its benefits. Our DMC contacts all have years of experience with event planning in their locations and generally know the best events, locations, food and beverage options, and activities to undertake to have a successful and memorable trip.

When it comes to your next trip, trust us – it’s better to lean into local help than try and plan everything from halfway across the globe. So, when it comes to your next B2B travel incentive, trust local expertise – and trust us!

We can help make your next travel incentive unforgettable!

When it comes to planning your travel incentives, it’s essential to put your trust in professionals. The importance of your incentives are key to their success, so why take the risk of doing it without the connections or know-how?

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