3 November 2021

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Joining Forces – 212F and Incremental Marketing Australia and New Zealand

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Today is a historic day in the B2B Incentive Loyalty & Rewards Industry as two iconic brands join to form arguably the largest independent B2B Customer Engagement agency in Australia and New Zealand.

212F and Incremental Marketing have each been advancing the industry independently for over 25 years, wholeheartedly focused on B2B customer engagement, growth strategies and B2B programs that change channel behaviour. Both businesses have developed a Strategy first / Rewards second approach, and it is this shared vision that headlines the future direction of the joined company.  Ensuring that the focus of every incentive and loyalty design is outcome orientated, we match the best rewards and recognition to drive customer behaviour.

Understanding the dynamics of B2B has never been as important, as right now, and the toolkits that both brands bring to client partnerships with B2B businesses in Australia and New Zealand remain best in class.  Going forward, the combination of these toolkits, through services, expertise and value propositions will benefit not only existing clients but shift what is possible within all Australian and New Zealand B2B industries and segments. 

Whilst size isn’t everything… the local combined and complementary talent, resources, experience, and scale of the group allow for investment in new technologies and specialist skills that will result in even stronger partnerships with our customers.

“I have known Tony for nearly 20 years – in fact in the early 2000’s I was a client of Incremental Marketing, Tony helped me with my first trade loyalty program, so I know first-hand that we hold similar ideas and ideals.  I’m delighted to welcome Tony and his talented team to join the 212F group, I’m beyond excited about the next 25 years and what our combined teams can achieve!”

212F Group Managing Director, Rob Morrow 

“We have long been aware that 212F shares many of our core values, principally around the fact that growth and engagement for customers are the best way to secure and maintain long-term relationships. Even recently, where we found ourselves pitching against 212F, we had that client comment that although our concept offerings were different our philosophies and approach were remarkably similar. I am excited about the benefits and opportunities, for both our customers and dedicated team that the combined entity will deliver.”

Incremental Managing Director, Tony Nay

Who is 212F?  

With humble beginnings in Auckland NZ, 212F is a specialist B2B Incentive Loyalty & Rewards agency focused on partnering with customers to change behaviour in a measurable way. Incremental Marketing & 212F were both established in 1996, the combined group operates from 4 locations in Australia and New Zealand. The group manages more than $125 million in client incentives, loyalty rewards, travel experiences and events that is estimated to impact over $8 billion in B2B client revenues per year.

With a full in-house and localised offer in Australia and New Zealand, the group provides services across four key areas of program design, software solutions, program management & communications, and fulfilment of all reward types, catalogue (physical, digital, experience), prepaid Visa cards, travel & events. The 212F group’s current five-year business plan is achieving a client Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding 70% which continues to drive the year on year growth in excess of 10%. The group continues to focus and grow its localised B2B service offer in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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