Merchandise Rewards & Fulfillment

Trophy Value, Budget Friendly & Worry Free


Inspiring Range Of Rewards

Using merchandise rewards in any program can offer your customers and channel partners high perceived value in the form of highly desirable items, while giving them the opportunity to work towards the item they want most and feel amazing when receiving it.

We know merchandise rewards and process over $15 million in reward value every year.

Experience tells us that offering the right merchandise mix in a rewards program will drive goals and success. So, when choosing items for your rewards or incentive program, or enhancing an existing offer, look at our catalogue. Our range of merchandise rewards suits a wide demographic group or we can tailor it to a targeted audience.

Trophy Value

Think of the emotions of someone when opening a reward to brag about at work in front of everyone else. The motivation and hype around your program multiplies.

Imagine rewards from your program being delivered into the workplace of a customer who tells others that it came from your program. It’s marketing that you can’t buy.

Budget Friendly

Since merchandise included in a reward catalogue is often bought at wholesale prices, it gives your program participants more bang for their points with greater perception of value and offer. A reward catalogue can also be tailored to meet any budget, starting from an entire range of items, down to value-based merchandise to meet a fixed budget.

Worry Free

Our experienced product team manages the sourcing, customer service and distribution to guarantee top customer experience during the entire fulfilment process of your rewards. And you can rest assured your reward budget is working hard for you.

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