Is your reward program wallet worthy?

What do you mean by Wallet Worthy?

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Open your wallet… what do you see?

The obvious items include bank cards, healthcare cards, your license, a few notes…. and maybe a family photo!

If you were to clean out all the cards taking up space, which ones would you really keep?

Those that make it back into your pocket are what you might call wallet-worthy.

They hold value and meaning, provide or connect you to a service, and have a useful purpose.

Now… how many of these cards are reward program cards?

In B2B programs, providing a reward that can break through the wallet-worthy barrier can be a tremendous boost towards future success.

This is one reason Visa Prepaid cards are attractive. Especially branded and reloadable cards, which are perfect for incentives.

Unlike other gift cards that don’t carry your brand, a Visa prepaid card offers a wider range of benefits.

From branding and security to top-ups, personalisation, and the freedom to buy anything you want with it.

Is your reward program card wallet worthy?

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