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B2B incentive, rewards and loyalty programs start with strategy!

212F is the only B2B Engagement Agency that challenges how incentives & loyalty programs should work

We don’t focus on just sales results but on the behaviours that bring you the results. In other words, we think strategy first, rewards second.

When you partner with us, you design engagement programs that set you apart with the right incentives that drive high-performance.

It’s a common trap to think you have to follow the competition and offer your sales channels flashy rewards or expensive travel incentives. But when you’ve got the right strategy, your program is built around rewards that will boost sales, lift engagement and motivate the right people.

To Lift Your Incentives Game, It’s All About Strategy

When you design behaviour strategies for better returns through B2B incentives, reward, and loyalty programs, you engage your sales partners.

And that starts with one question. “Why?”

We aren’t afraid to ask that question, and it’s the “why” so many of our clients choose us as partners.

Clients often come to us telling us they’d like to run an incentive. This is great and we do recommend loyalty, incentive and rewards programs form part of a company’s overall B2B sales strategy. We have an experienced team of marketing professionals who are always itching to create great incentives with enticing rewards.

But before anything else… we’d start off by making sure that our clients start with strategy and not thinking of their rewards. So often, they assume that it’s about the reward, whether that’s the latest gadget, gift cards or even a corporate trip. Of course, rewards are an important element of any incentive, but it’s about so much more too.

Incentives are offered to change behaviour. And we need to ask, what are the current behaviours and do we want to change that? To start answering this question, we need to understand what are the pain points in your sales process and how can we relieve them to drive your sales and marketing objectives.

Create Measurable Change & Behaviour

Whether your sales channels hit the high notes or fall flat, building a loyalty rewards program to change your distribution channel behaviours starts with solid foundations.

An incentive and rewards program aims to influence sales-based behaviours for the better. The risk is that the wrong incentives don’t trigger any change, or worse, unwanted patterns. But when you combine behavioural insights with a matching strategy, you can inspire almost anyone to achieve the goals you’re after.

In the most general terms, an incentive is anything that motivates a person to do something. When we’re talking about a sales, distributor or channel incentive, the definition becomes more defined. A B2B incentive is an offer to drive purchasing behaviour or sales behaviour – depending on whether you’re influencing customers who have an account with you and purchase your products or service or your sales team or sales channel who sell and recommending your product.

Incentives are measurable and can be linked to an ROI.  When participants in your incentive program don’t achieve the behaviours or benchmarks you have established, they don’t get rewarded, which means you’re not spending money on what you don’t achieve.  And if they do, then it means that your program is working well and you are getting the results you set out to reach out of your investment.


Dive Deep

To drive real behaviour change, you have to know what creates that behaviour. Together, we uncover everything about your sales channels, distributors, and pain points, all with the intent of building a program that works specifically for your business.


Build The Right Strategy

You only get the right rewards and incentives program if you’ve got the right strategy. Once we understand how your business works, we develop a plan with you to be the heart of your new, performance-driving program.

Hit Your Goals

Ultimately, you want to see the best return for your investment, whether it’s higher sales, increased share of wallet, new customers or better engagement. With your strategy now crystallised, we’ll work with you to select the best rewards mix to power your program.

B2B Incentive Rewards That Shine

Experience shows that people will go above and beyond to achieve a reward when you offer something that fits their expectations.

So, give your sales channels what they want instead of some generic reward. We’ve got a wide range of incentives that any target audience would love.

From merchandise rewards, travel incentives and Visa prepaid cards, you simply choose the reward, and we manage everything in-house. This means you get the perfect reward mix to complement your program strategy and drive real change in behaviour.

Where We’ve Changed Behaviour

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New Holland
De Lorenzo
JA Russell
Ingram Micro
HP Australia
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Air New Zealand

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