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There aren’t many B2B Incentives, Rewards & Loyalty agencies around, and even fewer that know how to engage Aussie and Kiwi business the way we do.

Your Engagement Experts in the Region

Every company thinks they are different, that they’re above all others. Without arrogance, just proof, there is a bloody good reason why we are!

Since 1996, we have taken a different approach. We not only partner with our customers but challenge them to implement incentive programs that change behaviour and increase engagement. 

Over the years, we have developed a system to understand sales-related pain points, and together we design and execute exceptional non-cash B2B incentives rewards and loyalty programs.

So, if you’re looking for an expert in Australia, New Zealand or both, we not only say we change behaviour, we live and breathe it! That is what makes us different, and we are not afraid to prove it!

Engagement Statistics

Likewise, if you’re looking for a rewards fulfilment house (whether travel incentives, merchandise or Visa prepaid gift cards), the reality is that yes, we have it. But with 212F, you’ve got someone that manages every part of your program. From end-to-end to deliver the engagement you need in your network and the marketing results you need to achieve.

Our unique blend of strategy, products and approach are complemented by the fact that we are a single-source supplier of merchandise rewards, incentive trips and branded cash (Visa prepaid cards).

So, whether you want to tap into our full strategic service or our turnkey solutions, we would be delighted to partner with you and implement a winning, incentive, rewards and loyalty strategy that connects your customers and channel partners with your brand.

In a nutshell, partnering with the experts in the region means having a winning B2B incentives rewards and loyalty strategy.


Industry Expertise Counts

A well-designed rewards strategy stimulates sales in any B2B environment, but a strategy combined with expertise in your particular industry will make your program practically unstoppable.

At 212F, we understand your channel, and by focusing on your pain points, we have created unique programs for just about every industry, where we emerge as the leader of the pack:

  • Automotive
  • Trade
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Distribution
  • Health & Beauty
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Real estate
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Airlines

The Right Incentive In Your Market

We challenge whether an incentive and rewards strategy implemented in other industries would work in your market just by adapting it and following your particular needs. Whilst you can learn and see many parallels, implementing an engagement strategy in a specific sector isn’t that straight forward.

Every company in every industry has its nuances and a very different path for products to move from vendors or manufacturers to the end consumer or user. For example, purchase intentions will depend on a buyer’s position in the sales channel within their industry. Therefore, the behaviours are different and the relationship dynamics as well.


Automotive manufacturers traditionally work with a franchised-dealer distribution network where vehicles are sold for a margin. In contrast, IT vendors work with distributors holding a network of reseller partners who on-sell hardware and software as part of their service. They’re not franchises and do not have a commercial binding contract as such. Food & Health product manufacturers have a similar wholesale distribution model. They have a sales channel that reaches retailers who then use or retail the products.

On the other hand, suppliers to Trade customers follow various models.

The Trade industry is one of our expertise, and we’ve been championing programs for electrical suppliers, plumbing buying groups, franchises, retail brands and hardware stores for many years.  We understand tradies well and know that whilst relationships are very important when dealing with customers, to drive a deeper share-of-wallet from tradies who purchase at various stores, you need to add value to their business. How? Contact us for a discussion.

In essence, the sales channel in each industry has a different setup and network. Still, it is in these networks that relationships are built. Brands need to connect with customers to ensure that transactions happen and meet sales objectives.


Where We’ve Changed Behaviour

Stanley Black Decker
New Holland
De Lorenzo
JA Russell
Ingram Micro
HP Australia
3M Australia
LG inc
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Air New Zealand

Your End-To-End Partner

Your strategy is one thing, but the execution is another. That’s why we have all the skills to create your plan, devise a program and launch it without a hiccup.

We cover the full process end-to-end:

  • Creative concept, launch and communications
  • Reports, insights and program optimisation
  • Day to day program management and administration
  • Participant query support
  • Reward fulfilment and query handling

The First Step To Create Measurable Change In Your Business

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